Diploma Training Course – The Program

Module A: Definitions and assessment in eating disorders, psychological interventions for Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder.

  • Description of AN, BN and EDNOS. Diagnosis and assessment scales for ED. Predisposing and maintaining factors of ED.
  • Learn to identify the psycho-pathology of eating disorders, and common co-morbidities.
  • Physiology of hunger and appetite. Investigating food and mood relationship.
  • Working with food diaries, examination of habits, lifestyle and cognitive-emotional baggage in bulimics and binge eaters. (CBT approach)
  • Relapse management and prevention techniques.
  • Assessment of bulimia letters, enhancing motivation at the early stages of treatment.
  • Application of meta -cognitive model in Bulimia Nervosa.
  • Working with body image and self–esteem, reconstructive strategies.

Module B: Principles of Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement.

  • How the Model is enhanced for Eating Disorders (Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa).Appraisal of relapse according to MI model.
  • How you can work the psycho pathology of the Eating Disorder in a Motivational manner. Practice the basic skills.
  • Understand the application of MI in carers with ED relatives.

Module C: Psychological interventions in Anorexia Nervosa, New Maudsley Method in carers.

  • Comprehend the four maintenance model in anorexia nervosa and its applications. (MANDRA model)
  • Neurobiological issues in anorexia nervosa.
  • How you can work in collaboration with carers, presentation of collaborative skills workshops with carers in UK and Greece.

Module D: Nutritional Interventions in eating disorders.

  • Early re-feeding from low weight, managing risk and establishing nutritional rehabilitation.
    What is the role of food in managing anxiety about eating?
  • How we can achieve, steady weight gain and general nutritional rehabilitation.
    Supporting learning to develop confidence and skills to eat in a healthy, socially normal way without excessive anxiety.
  • Re-establishing natural appetite control to manage binge eating and other forms of uncontrolled and chaotic eating.
  • Planning and stabilising eating to reduce rigidity and uncontrolled eating.
    Use of oral nutritional supplements, tube feeding, and vitamin and mineral and other supplements.

Each module includes both theory and practice (experiential learning based on role playing, videos, delivering small groups’ exercises working upon diaries and assignments of real cases from Hellenic Center of Eating Disorders). Each delegate who likes to obtain the diploma award should pass successfully the quizzes of all modules plus an oral presentation of real case at the end of training. Otherwise, you will get a certificate of attendance at the end. Your presence is necessary in the whole program of the training. More than 2 absences are not allowed in order to get certified. Delegates acquire the diploma award can register in the network of qualified professionals of Hellenic Centre for Eating Disorders and Mediterranean Center for Eating Disorders.

Entry requirements in Diploma Training Course: you should complete the attached registration form and we will contact you to arrange a short meeting through phone or internet with the director of HCFED, Ms Maria Tsiaka.

Information: For any information or clarification please contact directly Ms. Eva Voutsina, Communication Manager, tel.no +30 210 8003493 e-mail: evoutsina@hcfed.gr .

Duration of training: 22 days, 176 hours.

Place: Almond Suites Conference Room, Nicosia. (25th March str. No.11 Ayioi Omologites, 1087 Nicosia, tel.no.+357 22879131)

Fees: 3,520 € plus VAT 15%, a total of 4,048 €.Special discount will be granted to Institutes, Associations and groups of professionals depending on number of participants.

Payment Schedule: Advance payment 1st instalment : 1,104 € to register in the Course, 2nd instalment : 1,104 €, 3rd instalment : 920 €,  4th instalment : 920 €

Due to the limited number of participants to register the Course, please deposit the amount of 1,104 € to the following account in the BANK OF CYPRUS PUBLIC CO LTD
ACCOUNT NO.0155-01-196948-00 (EUR)
IBAN: CY22 0020 0155 0000 0001 1969 4800

Cancellation policy: Any cancellation of participation and advanced payment refund will be accepted 4 days before the starting date of the training.



prog treasure.jog


Professor Janet Treasure PhD FRCP FRCPsych South London & Maudsley NHS Trust
Director Eating Disorder Unit and Professor Psychiatry Guys, Kings & St Thomas Medical School, London.

Professor Treasure is a psychiatrist who has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders for over twenty five years. The Eating Disorder Unit at the South London Maudsley Hospital NHS Trust is a leading centre in clinical management and training of eating disorders. The unit provides eating disorder services for a population of 2 million in south East London and accepts specialists’ referrals from throughout out the United Kingdom. She was chairman of the Physical treatment section of the UK NICE.

She is the Chief Medical Officer for the Eating Disorder Association (the main UK eating disorder charity) and is the trustee of the Sheffield eating disorders association. She is on the Academy of eating disorders accreditation committee. She has also been active in both researches over this time and has over 150 peer reviewed papers. In 2004 was honored to be awarded the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) Leadership Award in Research (This award honors an individual who has over substantial period of time ( i.e., 10 years or more) developed through research new knowledge about eating disorders that is internationally respected and that has had a measurable impact on the field, either by significantly furthering our understanding of the etiology of eating disorders, by changing treatment or by fostering new lines of research). The unit is active in research and development in all aspects of eating disorders treatment, biology, clinical problems etc. Professor Treasure has been a co-coordinator of a multicentre European study that is examining the genetic and environmental factors in the management of eating disorders.

Professor Treasure was also Vice Chairman of a European project examining the effectiveness of treatment of eating disorders in over 20 countries. Professor Treasure has edited four texts on eating disorders “Neurobiology in the Treatment of Eating Disorders” Ed Hoek K, Treasure J, Katzman M (1997) & “Handbook on Eating Disorders”, Szmukler G, Dare C & Treasure (1995) (edition 1 &2) Wiley and, Owen, Treasure & Collier (2001) “Animal Models of Eating behavior and body composition “, Kluwer Academic Publishers The Netherlands. She has authored 2 self help books, one on bulimia nervosa “Getting better bite by bite” and one for parents and teachers as well as sufferers themselves on anorexia nervosa “Anorexia nervosa; a survival guide for families, friends and sufferers”. She is working on developing manuals & CD ROMs to describe working with individuals and families of people with anorexia nervosa.

The ethos of both the research and clinical practice is to work collaboratively with carers and users and to use new technology to further this endeavor. The web site www.eatingresearch.com hosts information for all stakeholders, users, carers and professionals. Together with the Eating Disorders Association the team at the Maudsley have help carers conferences. Currently we are involved in an International study in which we are examining the factors that cause anorexia nervosa to run in families and we are recruiting families in which more than one family member has an eating disorder.

Gillian Todd jpg

Gillian Todd, RMN, MSc Clinical Nurse Leader in Eating Disorders South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation UK.

Gillian Todd is the clinical nurse leader at the Maudsley Hospital in London and has been delivering Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Therapy Training courses for the last 12 years, nationally and internationally. She is part of the research group led by Prof. Janet Treasure developing and delivering skills training to Carers and Families of people with Eating Disorders.

Her current post covers the National Eating Disorders Outreach, and consultation with the national eating disorder charity Beat to set up carers’ skills workshops. She is the co-author of a wide range of papers exploring collaborative care and carer skills training.

Maria Tsiaka jpg

Maria Tsiaka, Director and founder of both Hellenic and Mediterranean Centre for Eating Disorders in Greece and Cyprus, PhD Candidate Department of Psychological Medicine Institute of Psychiatry at Maudsley, King’s College London, Trainer in Eating Disorders, Family Therapist, Psychotherapist.

Maria Tsiaka is a PhD candidate in the department of Psychological Medicine Institute of Psychiatry at Maudsley, King’s College London under the supervision of Professors Janet Treasure and Ulrike Schmidt. She has studied Psychology and she has been trained in Systemic Psychotherapy. She exercises the profession of family therapist – psychotherapist since 1995 in Greece, and she is specialized in the treatment of Eating Disorders, since 1997. She is dealing therapeutically with women suffering from Anorexia nervosa – Bulimia nervosa and with the support of carers such as parents, partners, family members and friends. She has experience of more than 18,000 hours treatment with people suffering from eating disorders and obesity.
In 2006 she founded the Hellenic Centre for Eating Disorders aiming to create a model centre specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, education of specialists in the area of mental health treatment of eating disorders and the research all over Greece. Until now she has trained over 400 specialists in more than 1,500 hours of training.

She has attended many seminars and conferences on eating disorders. She is a member of various associations and organisations such as EFTA (European Family Therapy Association, ECED (European

Council on Eating Disorders), AED (Academy of Eating Disorders, IAEAP (International Association for Eating Disorders Professionals. She has a specialized diploma in Eating Disorders (Diploma in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders) from the Center for Eating Disorders of UK.

From early 2010, she cooperates with Professor Janet Treasure and Gillian Todd of the Maudsley Hospital, University Hospital of South London. Their common goal is to inform the public about the eating disorders and the support of the Greek family in managing the symptoms and behaviours that result from anorexia nervosa and bulimia. The new special courses now offered in collaboration with the research and education group of Professor Janet Treasure, King’s College of London.

Kate Williams.jpg

Kate Williams, BSc, MA, RD, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics, Eating Disorders Unit at Maudsley Hospital in London

Kate Williams is a Lecturer, MSc Nutritional Medicine in the University of Surrey. She is a Tutor for British Dietetic Association Course in Eating Disorders and she is teaching Dieticians in Obesity Management Course. She is also teaching pre-registration student dieticians at London Metropolitan University and Kings College in London.

40, Kipon & Helidonous, 145 64 N.Kifissia, +30 210-8003493, e-mail: info@hcfed.gr https://www.hcfed.gr

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